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Do you know what you’re drinking?

Clean Your Water Tanks f Stay away from Disease

“We Mechanized Clean & Disinfect your Water Tank”

Advance stage of Cleaning Process:

  • Mechanized De-Watering Effective
  • Modernized Sludge Removal
  • High-Pressure Jet Cleaning with Special Rotary Nozzles to various Rotation Scrub
  • Manuel Scrubbing of Stains and Algae Deposit on the ceiling, Walls and Floor.
  • Vacuuming and wiping of remaining Wet sludge deposits.
  • Anti- Bacterial Treatment with safe solution spray for Disinfection.
    Tank Cleaning Charges 
  • Under Ground up to 5000 Ltr. Rs. 900
  • I- PVC Tank up to 3000 Ltr. Rs. 700 /-
  • We will finalize the price after the actual site survey. •
  • This price is for a Single Tank.

Mechanized Deep Cleaning Service
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